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Our team of highly trained staff caters to a wide range of service. We always understand your requirements and provide customised services as per your needs. Whatever service that you require, just give us a call so that we can promply provide you with a free quote. We have extensive experience in removing and disposing of asbestos using safe and environmentally considerate methods.

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How Not To Demolish an Office Building

This is a great video on how not to demolish an office building.

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No Ramps No Problem

Not how we recommend you get your loader on a truck.

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Explosive Demolition

Found this great explosive demolition video on YouTube; some excellent work here.


Once all permissions were granted Coastal Demolition went ahead with the work which took just under one week to complete. A surrounding fence was erected and warning signs placed to warn local people of the danger involved with asbestos removal.

– John

David Sears managed this work, handling all the required paperwork relating to the City of Mandurah, Western Power and (the) Water Corporation prior to demolition. I am satisfied with the out come (sic)and believe he has completed the work in a professional manner.

– Bahman